Spring cleaning my PS3

A few weeks back i disassembled my PS3 to clean it up. Managed to get all the way to the heat sink then reassembled it because i did not have replacement thermal paste.

But last week i got hold of some Artic Cooling MX-4

Artic Cooling MX-4

Artic Cooling MX-4 thermal compound







So disassembled the PS3 fat again and replaced the thermal paste this time. Hope this wards of the dreaded YLOD for a good long time.

PS3 Fat disassembled

PS3 Fat disassembled casings







PS3 Motherboard

PS3 Motherboard with RSX and CELL chips exposed.







All of this was possible because of an excellent step by step guide for PlayStation 3 fat at http://www.hometheatershack.com Anyone else who wants to try this might find the link useful.

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