Migrating to Domain Technologie Control

Finally decided on a new hosting control panel. Was previously using ISPManager from ISPSystems but that was provided to me for free from my previous Hosting Provider . Since i am moving to a new provider and they don’t have free ISPManager i had to find a new one. After looking thought several Hosting Control Panels,   settled on GPLHost’s Domain Technologie Control.

I chose this because its easy to install and the directory structure and management logic are very easy and organized compared to some other control panels.

Other candidates I looked though and actually installed, some several times.

Some of them like GNUPanel are very good and looks nice. But i liked the ease of DTC more.

DTC - Admin Panel

And it is actively developed and used by GPLHost to provide their own hosting service. Below are some of the features it contains at the time of this post.

  • Real-time bandwidth monitor for all server on each user basis
  • Automatic ip update (dyndns-like feature)
  • Antivirus and anti-spam with spam quarantine (“spam” imap folder) for mail
  • Automated backup NS and MX between 2 or more control panels (with domain list exchange over HTTPS)
  • Unix type independency (can run on FreeBSD, redhat, debian, OS-X…)
  • Store-front integration with registration form and payment gateway option
  • Mailing lists with many options (including moderation, header customization, and HTML archives)
  • Package installer (like fantastico) to be able to install many apps (phpBB, osCommerce, Drupal, etc…) in few clicks
  • Full internationalization: translated to many languages (currently up to 11)
  • Management of all types of hosting: Shared, Dedicated or VPS
  • Full billing system, including customer invoicing and renewals, and company book keeping with multiple company support (currently only supporting one currency at a time)
  • Integrated support ticket system
  • Full server monitoring system, globally and per service and user IN REAL TIME

Everything looks good up-to now, so looks like i will be settling with this one.

Also to anyone else who maybe looking into installing DTC in thier server, one thing i noted when trying out DTC was it has configuration issues with 64bit version of debian lenny like SSH not working. But it works well on 32bit.

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