Monthly Archives: May 2011

Debian Squeeze FTW

Recently my laptop battery was being drained too fast in Windows 7. I looked into this and it seemed windows was very efficient with its power management but the problem was my installation was too bloated with additional software and background services that it was eating up too much processor time.

So i decided to install a clean dual boot os which would hopefully have a minimal footprint and not eat up all my battery. And since most of the software i use can also be used in Linux in one way or the other i decided to give it a try.

First i tried Ubuntu 11.04. using its windows installer. This causes it to be installed like a software into windows and dual booting is setup where all the Linux files are stored in a virtual hard disk in one of the windows partitions. This works quite well but the only problem i found is i really did not like the new unity interface. But the good part was everything works out of the box. And i did get stuck once and had to reboot, i think it was compiz but not sure.

Next i installed Open SUSE 11.4. Cause i read on that its the best distro for laptops. The problem here was i really hate the rpm package management system. And was hoping this OS would be worth the trouble. But after trying to install a few software  here and there. It felt awkward not having the power of Debian package management. And somehow I managed to break my GUI after trying to install ATI Driver. So was left with a shell prompt in the end. It was fixable but i decided to go for the fail-safe distribution.

Finally installed Debian 6 (Squeeze), everything worked out of the box. I actually use Debian 5 (Lenny) on my VPS web host server as its knows for its exceptional stability, but haven’t recently tried it on a laptop. I had to do a bit of additional installes before it looked as fancy as Ubuntu. ATI Driver install went smoothly as well. Now with multiple work spaces and compiz expo its so easy working on multiple tasks at once. Almost a 200-300% increase in multitasking management.

So my conclusion is for day to day use Linux is actually easier to use than Windows if you have it setup right. Some distros like Ubuntu are already configured for this. If your new to Linux then Ubuntu is a great start. But for me i think i will stick with Debian because it comes with a more clean install than Ubuntu and it does not have the annoying Unity.