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Battle Rig improvements

The lates additions to the all and mighty gaming rig follows 😛

Logitech G5

The G5 uses a laser tracking engine as opposed to the LED or photodiode systems used by some other mice. It supports up to 5 resolution presets which can be set between 400 dpi and 2000 dpi, in 50 dpi increments. The G5 includes Teflon feet.


Logitech G15

The Logitech G15 is a keyboard produced by Logitech designed specifically for gamers. It includes 18 macro keys that can each have 3 macros assigned to them and a backlit monochrome LCD display (Which can show helpful information from compatible applications to the user). Logitech distributes a SDK for the LCD display panel on the keyboard’s drivers disc which can be used to add G15 compatibility to applications.


Rise of the Necrons aka Undead Doods

Secrets of the Necrons

Necron Lord

Necron Lords are the commanders of Necron forces, chosen due to being one of the few Necrons to retain sentience. They are formidable foes on the battlefield, being quite adept with both ranged and close combat weaponry. Due to their special position as “leaders” in the Necron forces, they are often equipped with special gear. This gear often increases the effectiveness of other Necrons around the Lord, such as augmenting their healing factor, or allowing them to teleport to crucial points in a battle; other gear carried can increase the Lord’s survivability or his prowess in battle. Necron Lords are also some of the few Necrons who keep pieces of memory remaining from their previous lives.

The Staff of Light is a weapon that is only carried by the Necron Lord. It has great melee potential, and is even capable of a limited burst of ranged attacks. While not terribly powerful, it offers a solid weapon for defense and gives the Necrons their first real melee weapon.

Living Metal is the basis of Necrontyr technology. It is extremely durable and can dynamically restructure itself to change shape or to adapt to an outside effect, as well as having the capability to mend itself when damaged. The physical shells that contain the C’tan are made from it, so called Necrodermis as are the Necron metal bodies (including star ships and vehicles) and some of their weapons. The C’tan Phase Sword and C’tan Phase Knife also utilize similar technology. Literally, the name means “corpse skin” , and dermis).